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A-1 Air Care Inc HVAC Services
A-1 Air Care Inc HVAC Services

PTAC Repair

A-1 Air Care Inc specializes in the repair and maintenance of packaged terminal air conditioners. Our certified HVAC contractors have years of in-depth experience working with all makes and models of PTAC units. Commercial property owners turn to us for dependable tune-ups that keep their business' air conditioning system running efficiently and effectively.

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Professional PTAC Services

PTAC units are a fantastic choice for zoned air conditioning and are a common addition in hotels, motels, and condominium buildings. We're proud to be known in the local area as PTAC experts. We have years of experience working with all brands and types of units, both electric heat and heat pump. We provide the following services:

  • Emergency repair
  • Routine maintenance
  • Upgrades, installation, and replacement

PTAC Repair

When your AC unit stops functioning correctly, you (and your clients) need a solution: fast. Over the years, we've become well-versed in the most common repair issues that PTAC units encounter. We'll quickly diagnose and fix:

  • Frozen coils
  • Clogged filters
  • Spitting water
  • And more

Since we specialize in all things PTAC, you can count on us to have replacement parts and accessories - even for older and discontinued units - on hand if they're needed.

PTAC Maintenance

To prevent unnecessary, costly repairs, many of our clients choose to arrange routine maintenance checks for their PTAC systems. Like any HVAC system, your PTAC units will lose efficiency over time. With regular tune-ups and cleaning, you can prolong the life of your air conditioning unit and protect your investment over the long-term.

During a typical maintenance visit, our contractors will clean your entire unit and verify that all components are working properly. We'll replenish refrigerant and adjust the unit's positioning as needed. You can count on our team to maintain detailed maintenance logs on your machines. In some cases, keeping up with maintenance can become more costly than investing in a new machine. Based on our records, we'll track your unit's performance closely with every visit. If our technicians determine that replacing your old PTAC model will save you money, we'll be sure to let you know.

Certified HVAC Contractors

Each member of our fantastic crew is a certified and insured HVAC contractor. As a company, we take great care to ensure our in-house standards for technical excellence are sky-high and adhere to all local and state codes and guidelines. We are passionate about HVAC technology and are always up to date with the latest industry trends and developments.

Should you have any questions about how to make the most out of your property's HVAC system, our seasoned technicians would be happy to help you answer them.

Hotel AC Unit Repair

Contact the PTAC specialists

If your hotel or condo's PTAC units are causing you trouble, don't settle for a standard HVAC company. You need a team of professionals with specialized knowledge and expertise in troubleshooting, repairing, and installing through-the-wall air conditioning systems - and that team is A-1 Air Care Inc.

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